Power Boating

Whether time be the issue or you just want to go fast, power boating is the answer, just get it in and go. Besides turning the key, what are the things to know before making the go?

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A day sail or a cruise around the world start with a strong foundation of the basics…. nothing like a beam-reach to your destination. Learning sailing can be like learning a new language.

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Personal Watercrafts

In many waters PWCs are the most regulated. Local rules and regulations require may require a special license. Find out what you need to know and many helpful tips to ensure a summer of FUN!

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Boating is my Life

Well, these days it has taken on a different meaning than it used to. Rewind a decade and you could find me travelling port to port, that is IF you could find me.

Life at that time involved days out to sea, nights at port until the wee hours, or just a great afternoon of some good-hearted racing to the taste of aged rum in my belly.

Boating means different things to different people. The open waters can be a place to get to know yourself and your place in this vast universe of ours.

Let me share my experiences as you. Whether you are new to the world of boating or a salt sea dog my hopes are that you can find something of use here and that it inspires adventure.

Have a specific question?

One doesn’t always think of everything. If you have a question you would like answered here, drop me a line, I’ll see what I can do.